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  • 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You

    Author: Tony Reinke

    Do You Control Your Phone—Or Does Your Phone Control You? 

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  • Whole Life Worship by Sam and Sara Hargreaves

    Whole-Life Worship will demonstrate that the contemporary Western Church has reached a point where our "gathered" worship is separated from our "scattered" lives outside of church. This is detrimental to the congregation's spiritual development and their effectiveness on their "frontlines". Church worship should be inspired and informed by our everyday experiences. It should empower and send the congregation out to continue worshipping. The book will provide patterns and resources to better connect gathered worship with the lives of the congregation beyond church meetings. 

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  • Trinity After Pentecost

    Author: William Atkinson

    This book views the triune God from a Pentecostal viewpoint. In so doing, it offers a fresh articulation of the theology of the Trinity that starts with Pentecost and with the Spirit. It concludes that the Trinity cannot be adequately appreciated using any single model—whether social, modal, or psychological. Instead, it presents three models—relational, instrumental, and substantial—that need to be held in paradoxical tension with one another. Of these, the relational is the foremost. Pentecost offers rich potential for seeing these relations between the Father, the Son, and the Spirit as a dynamic reciprocal "dance" in which each person empties self in order to exalt the other.

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  • Come Lord Jesus

    Author: Steve Motyer

    ‘The second coming of Jesus Christ is the core of the biblical worldview, the climax of the biblical message, the cornerstone of biblical theology, and the centrepiece of authentic biblical faith for the twenty-first century.’

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  • The Forgiveness of Sins

    Author: Tim Carter

    An in-depth study of the forgiveness of sins as a central theme of early Christian theology, in the New Testament and the writings of the Church Fathers.

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  • When In Romans

    Author: Beverly Roberts Gaventa

    When reading the book of Romans, we often focus on the quotable passages, making brief stopovers and not staying long enough to grasp some of the big ideas it contains. Instead of raiding Paul's most famous letter for a passage here or a theme there, leading New Testament scholar Beverly Roberts Gaventa invites us to linger in Romans. She asks that we stay with the letter long enough to see how Romans reframes our tidy categories and dramatically enlarges our sense of the gospel. 

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